whale migration; barnacles; isotopes

Mon, 26 Apr 1995 14:36:50

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Subject: whale migration; barnacles; isotopes
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I am asking all whalenet readers if they know of or have access to any samples
of Coronula, Cryptolepas and/or any other epizoic barnacles that they
have collected from any stranded and/or live cetaceans. I hope to compile a
reasonably large number of these samples for a survey of oxygen isotope ratio
measurements. These measurements can then be used (hopefully?) to
reconstruct whale migration patterns following the methodology outlined in
Killingley, 1980 (Science, Vol. 207, 15 February, pp 759-760). Further,
these data
may be useful for determining the age of non toothed whales as well. For more
information and/or if you would like to participate in this research effort
do not  hesitate to contact me, Doug Introne, by e-mail or at the Stable
Isotope Laboratory,
(207) 581-2192. Thank you.
Douglas "Cap" Introne
Stable Isotope Laboratory
Sawyer Environmental Research Center
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469
(207) 581-2192