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   OSLO, Norway (AP) -- Norway overestimated the minke whale
population off its coast by about 20 percent and therefore is
lowering its limit for this season's catch from 301 whales to 232.
   Norway resumed commercial harvesting of minke in 1993, despite
protests from conservationists around the world. This year's hunt
begins Tuesday.
   The government had estimated the minke population at 86,700. But
on Friday, the fisheries ministry said it had found an error in a
computer program used for the estimates.
   That, along with other data, indicates there are no more than
69,600 minke whales off the coast, it said in announcing the lower
catch limits.
   Minke are the smallest of the baleen whales, growing to about 30
feet. Like most other whale species, they have been driven to the
brink of extinction by overharvesting.
   The International Whaling Commission, of which Norway is a
member, banned commercial whaling in 1986 but its decisions are
non-binding. Norway's whalers killed 279 minke whales last year,
and 226 in 1993.
   "It is good that Norway has admitted the mistake, but we still
think the figure is too high," said Katrin Brubakk of the Norway
branch of the environmental group Greenpeace.