Case Study: CSI captivity Policy Statement

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Mon, 10 May 1995 19:20:26

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Subject: Case Study: CSI captivity Policy Statement
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Subject:      CSI Captivity Policy Statement
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In the interest of stimulating discussion, defining opinions, and soliciting
responses, the Cetacean Society International announces its revised policy
statement with reference to the issue of cetaceans in captivity, adopted 3 May
   It is the position of Cetacean Society International that it is no longer
   justifiable for cetaceans to be captured or maintained in captivity for
   purposes of exhibition, research, or education. There exists a moral
   imperative for cetaceans in captivity to be maintained in optimal
   conditions for their physical and social well-being and for efforts to be
   made for their rehabilitation and release.
The statement seeks, perhaps with further amplification, to oppose live
captures, support stranding networks, curtail the export and import of captive
cetaceans, strengthen the capabilities of APHIS, improve current conditions
and programs, and foster solidarity amongst like-minded organizations. CSI
invites all organizations with an interest in the issue to define and post
their positions.
Bill Rossiter, CSI President