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The National Marine Educators Association will hold its annual conference
July 31-August 5, 1995 at UCSD.  The conference, Oceans Without Borders, will
focus on the geographic, physical, biological, economic, and cultural
connections in marine education.  The conference features symposia,
concurrent workshops, field trips, exhibits, and special events.  Keynote
speakers include whale expert Stephen Leatherwood, UCSD scientist and
professor Paul Saltman, and cultural anthropoligist Gene Anderson.  The
conference opens with a reception at the Stephen Birch Aquarium-Museum and
concludes with an evening celebration at Sea World.  University credit is
available.  Cost is $270 before June 15, 1995.  For more information and
registration materials contact Joy Wolf at Sea World 226-3640 or e-mail Robin
Kendall at  Please do not respond to the above e-mail