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Beached Dolphins
   TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. (AP) -- Fifteen dolphins beached themselves
Thursday and scientists were trying to save the 12 survivors,
including a baby that was being fed with a bottle.
   The pod of short-snouted Stenella dolphins was found stranded in
shallow water south of Fred Howard Park about 15 miles from Tampa.
Two already were dead and the third died later.
   Scientists believe some of the group may have become sick or
disoriented by seas churned up last week by Hurricane Allison.
   Six of the dolphins, including the baby estimated to be 6 months
to a year old, were doing well in a holding tank at the Clearwater
Marine Science Center, said Dennis Kellenberger, the center's
executive director. They will be released well out to sea if blood
tests show they are healthy.
   The other six were being held in 2-foot deep surf until blood
tests show if the animals are sick, he said. If they are well, they
probably will be released, if not, they will be taken to a holding
   Mass beachings of dolphins happen once or twice a year along
Florida's Gulf Coast, Kellenberger said.