Case Study: Whaling NEAH BAY, Wash
Mon, 20 Jun 1995 22:20:56

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Subject: Case Study: Whaling NEAH BAY, Wash
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During the Whaling Comission Meeting in Dublin, which I attended,
there was widespread rumour in the hallways that the Makah claim
to "whaling rights"had more to do with the "tribal leaders" links
with timber sales to Japan than with any legitimate tradition. As
to reaffirm this hypothesis, the Makah representative was attended
frequently by wildlife-consumption lobbyists. Whetehr this is the
case is something the US environmentalists will have to check.
The Makah episode exposes an old wound in the flank of the US
anti-whaling movement which is the irresponsible, almost criminal
agreement to let the "poor Eskimos" take the endangered bowheads
in exchange for an anti-commercial whaling position from the
Government. It is clear in my mind after all these (11) years at
the Whaling Comission that the eskimo "need" for killing bowheads
is false, and that the state-of-the-art technology utilized to
hunt the animals are totally dismissive of the "tradition" invoked
to justify the slaughter. Alas, it seems that Barrow, as a "whaling"
village, is also a bit too modern according to some reports I;'ve
hear at the Dublin meeting.
So, here the issue of fake "tradition", left in peace for years,
threatens to spread along the Us West Coast. I wonder whether
it would be time for my fellow environmentalists up there to start
paying some attention eg to the Brazilian Comissioner at the Whaling
Comission who has disputed the "aboriginal" claims for years - only
to be greeted by deaf ears from the so-calledenvironmental NGOs.
Flames are welcome regarding the above comments. It was about time to
address this issue around here!