Info: Baby whale strands in Fla./USA

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Subject: Info:  Baby whale strands in Fla./USA
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September 27, 1995
The Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) is caring for a stranded dwarf sperm
whale, Kogia simus, which came ashore Wednesday near the Don CeSAR Hotel on St.
Petersburg Beach, FL.  A larger whale, presumed to be the calf's mother, was
sighted in shallow waters at 11:00 a.m. EDT.  At noon, workers in near the 3200
block (of Gulf Blvd. for those of you who know the area) observed the larger
whale in distress, either "inking" or exuding bodily fluids into the water.  It
them swam away to the north and shortly after, the calf was seen upon the
St. Pete Beach police and beachgoers held the small whale until the CMA
stranding team arrived.  They administered a mild sedative and then transported
the calf to Dr. Goldston at the Animal Hospital of St. Petersburg.  After
initial examination, the 45 pound, male calf was brought to CMA where it
received first aid for superficial cuts and was fed whale calf formula.
CMA scientists can only speculate as to the reason the calf separated from its
mother and came ashore.  Staff and volunteers will maintain a 24-hour watch on
the whale calf throughout the night and until its condition is stable.
If you have any questions, please email me directly and I will try to find the
answer for you.
Linae Boehme
CMA Volunteer
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