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The Cetacean Behavior Laboratory at San Diego State University is pleased
to call attentions to its recently completed World Wide Web site:
http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/CBL/CBLHome.html.  Our Web site provides
information about the following topics:  Director, Research, Graduate
Study, Internship Information, Publications, Graduate Students, Recent
Abstracts, CBL Photo Album.
We invite interested MarMam'rs to give us a browse (best viewed with
Netscape) and to pass our WWW address on to potential graduate and
internship applicants.  We have included links in our Web site to the
TAMU/TAMUG Marine Mammal Research Program as well as to NMFS.  Suggestions
for other links or comments about our site should be forwarded to Webmaster
John Day <johnday@sunstroke.sdsu.edu>.  Those interested in obtaining more
information about our Graduate and Internship programs should correspond
directly with R.H. Defran (me), preferably by email
<rdefran@sunstroke.sdsu.edu>.   Thanks to Dave Lewis (who is definitely
linked to Jennifer Lewis) and to John Day (who is linked to the night) for
their generous construction efforts in bringing our WWW site online.
Looking forward to renewing old acquaintances and  making new ones in Orlando.
R.H. Defran
Cetacean Behavior Laboratory
Department of Psychology
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA  92182
Phone:(619) 594-5649 office
Fax: (619) 594-1332  Psych. Dept.
WWW: http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/CBL/CBLHome.html