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Further Information on
>                     The Center for Whale Research
> Research Methods
> The research method is primarily long term (multi-year)
> photo-identification of individuals within populations, which
> provides baseline data for demographic and behavioral studies. The
> knowledge gained from these studies is provided to governments, to
> the public and to conservation organizations.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Funding Sources
> The Center is funded by contributions from individuals and
> organizations, occasional grants, sales of whale-related items, and
> contracted studies. It is incorporated as a non-profit organization
> in the State of Washington with IRS 501 (c)(3) tax deductible status
> [EIN 91-1334319].
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Current Projects
> The principle studies underway as of 1994 are Orca Survey-a long
> term photo-identification study of killer whales in the Pacific
> Northwest since 1976; Pacific Humpbacks-a photo-identification study
> of humpback whales since 1986, with other cooperating researchers,
> to determine migratory patterns, stock identity and population
> status in the Eastern North Pacific; and, Bahamas Marine Mammal
> Survey-a general survey of marine mammals in the northern Bahamas,
> with particular emphasis on photo-identification studies of
> bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, and beaked whales.
> Most of the Center's fieldwork is conducted in cooperation with
> Earthwatch, a Massachussetts-based volunteer environmental
> organization. For more information on how to join an Earthwatch
> team, call 800-776-0188. For other information on upcoming field
> projects and events in the Bahamas and Puget Sound send $5.00 for
> copy and mailing costs, along with your request to CWR.
> The Center is active with other organizations in scientifically
> evaluating the feasibility of rehabilitating and safely returning
> selected captive cetaceans to their families and communities in the
> natural environment. A document titled Cetacean Releases, containing
> reports of more than ninety cetacean releases, is available from
> CWR. Also available is a An Annotated Bibliography on Cetacean
> Releases, listing over 140 books, articles and other sources
> pertaining to many aspects of rehabilitating or releasing cetaceans.
> These two reports are available in hard-copy from CWR at $10.00
> each, including handling and shipping.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Opportunities for Involvement
> The Center is staffed by a full time volunteer Director and several
> part-time volunteer staff and researchers. Over ninety percent of
> the Center's budget is spent on program activities.
> Membership at $20.00 per year in the Center for Whale Research helps
> to provide funding for the projects listed above as well as other
> field research on cetaceans. Contributions can be made to specific
> studies and projects. Members will receive two issues of Orca Log
> per year, and occasional newsletters. Orca Log will provide current
> information about cetaceans, research projects, and events in the
> marine mammal scientific community. If we receive the support, we
> are going to become more active in researching, reporting and
> advocating issues concerning cetacean conservation.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Join the Center for Whale Research by sending $20 to:
> Center for Whale Research
> P.O. Box 1577
> Friday Harbor, WA 98250
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
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