Case Study: Canadian Seal Hunt

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Subject: Case Study: Canadian Seal Hunt
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The Christian Science Monitor ran an article today on the Canadian seal
hunt announcing that in 1996, sealers may use an icebreaker to reach and
kill up
to 200 000 seals.  At a June press conference, Canada's Minister of
Fisheries, Brian Tobin is quoted as calling for an expanded commercial
seal hunt and saying  that cod stocks could recover more quickly if they
were left alone.
According to the article, scientists say the quota on harp seals could be
raised to 287,000 (it is currently 186,000) but also say that "there is no
evidence to show that killing seals will hasten the return of the cod".
Janet Russell,  formerly a fisheries observer in Newfoundland stated that
"the Canadian government is propping up a dying industry with taxpayer
subsidies because it is the politically smart thing to do in a province
with a 19 percent unemployment rate".
Jack Lawson, a marine scientist at Memorial University in Newfoundland
asked:  "Do you kill seals despite the fact there isn't a market for all
the meat or fur, and despite no evidence of an overall effect on the cod?"
The article says that Tobin will announce Canada's 1996 seal management
plan within days.
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A second piece of information came to a radio station via a wire-service
at 2 a.m. today.  The story stated that Asia is prepared to buy 250 000
seals from Canada but that the Minister of Fisheries has not yet decided
whether the sale will go through.