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   The University of Hawaii is pleased to offer a 2 week
course during the 1996 spring break on the =93Biology and
Management of Marine Mammals=94. The course is composed of
lectures, laboratory work, and field experiences.
   Lectures will be held daily during the first week of  the
course, and laboratory work will be performed in a
reproduction and growth biology laboratory at Coconut
Island. Field  studies in coastal waters of Oahu will be
conducted during the second week.
Each participant in the course will be given unique hands-on
opportunities with captive and wild marine mammals that
naturally occur in Hawaiian waters, and upon completion of
the course, will be awarded a certificate from the Hawaii
Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB).
   Dr. Shannon Atkinson is the program leader, and invited
lecturers include: Dr. Paul Nachtigall, Dr. Whitlow Au, Dr.
Pamela Yochem, Dr. Joe Mobley, Mr. Bill Gilmartin, and Dr.
Jay Sweeney.
     For a more detailed description of the course, consult
our web page at
   You can also address any further inquiry to Catherine
Combelles, Course Assistant (
   Dr. Shannon Atkinson, program leader, and I, Cat
Combelles, will also be present at the Society for Marine
Mammalogy Conference in Orlando from December 14th to
December 18th, and we will be glad  to answer any questions
you might have. Look for our poster during the following
poster presentations:
   December 15h, 10:30 am:
     Lowe et al. Diet and rate of passage studies on the
Hawaiian monk seal (Monachus schauinslandi).
     Lucas et al. Changes in body composition during
gestation in bottlenose dolphins.
   December 17th, 10:30 am:
     Combelles et al. Annual progesterone concentrations in
two species of captive small whales, Pseudorca crassidens
and Grampus griseus.
     Atkinson and Iwasa. Basic reproductive biology of the
Hawaiian monk seal.
Please feel free to post and/or pass on to others who might
be interested and who might not have access to the list.
I look forward to answer any questions you might have
(please do not reply to the list).
Catherine Combelles, M.S.
Research Associate
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
University of Hawaii
PO BOX 1346
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
(808) 956-8625
(808) 236-7443 (FAX)