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     Entergy employess encounter confused manatee in canal
     (The Times-Picayune, 6 December 1995)
     An obviously confused manatee has been sighted cruising around New
     Orleans at least three times in the past month, according to a local
     Entergy employees at the Michoud generating station saw the large
     vegetarian water mammal twice in the Hot Water Canal, which runs from
     the station to the Intracoastal Waterway a quarter mile away near the
     Paris Road bridge.
     The latest sighting was a little more than a week ago.  Entergy
     spokesman Harry Wadsworth said Monday.
     Employees also know of a fisherman who said he saw the creature in the
     Intracoastal Waterway.
     The manatee, which looks like an underwater cow witha cigar-shaped
     body, blunt snout, large lips, flipperlike forelimbs, and a tail fluke
     - lives in tropical waters.
     It's a rare sight around the city, but company officials figure the
     manatee likes the Hot Water Canal.  The canal carries warm water
     expelled from the generating station to the Intracoastal Waterway.
     But "he's living on borrowed time," Wadsworth said.  "It's going to be
     getting cold soon."
     The state Wildlife and Fisheries Department has expressed an interest
     in the sightings, Wadsworth said.  The plant manager understands the
     Aquarium of the Americas has also expressed an interest.
     "We've had our environmental people looking into it," Wadsworth said.