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I maintain a WWW page with many resources and links to marine
mammal information.  I would appreciate it if the MarMam
readers who also happen to net surf would forward any good links
that they run across to me.
Specific resources actually residing under my pages include:
 - The Society for Marine Mammalogy's brochure, "Strategies
   for pursuing a career in marine mammal science".
 - The Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network home page.
   Information on the TMMSN, beached animal care, information
   on past and current strandings.
 - The Marine Mammal Research Program at TAMU.  Description
   of the MMRP researchers and programs.
and a wide variety of links under
Please email suggestions and other feedback to welsberr@orca.tamu.edu.
Wesley R. Elsberry, 4211 Vista Blvd., Galveston TX 77554. Central Neural System
BBS, 409-737-5222, 1:385/385, ANNs, GAs, Alife, AI, evolution, and more.
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