Case Study: Free Willy??

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Subject: Case Study: Free Willy??
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MARMAM subscribers,
  In response to DLFNDR@AOL.COM about the future release into the wild of
Keiko (aka Willy), I think it is a very sad statement about the priorities of
most "whale-enthusiasts."  With a great deal of hoopla, at least US$10.5
million is being spent to release a killer whale in poor health and with a
potentially contagious skin disease back into the wild, while at the same
time two cetacean species (the baiji and vaquita) are quietly going extinct.
 If one were to examine the scientific and humanitarian reasons for releasing
a killer whale  into the wild, and pick a candidate, Keiko would have to be
near the bottom of the list.  And personally, I think that the preservation
of an entire species ought to be a higher priority task than that of
enhancing the "mental health" of a single individual of a species that
probably numbers in the hundreds of thousands worldwide.
  Is this really the way that people want their limited donations for
wildlife spent?  Not me.  Two out of 79 cetacean species lost in a ten-year
period is a pretty scary prospect.  Ten million dollars could go a long way
towards the conservation of cetacean biodiversity.
Thomas Jefferson, Ph.D.
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
Ocean Park
Aberdeen, Hong Kong