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Subject: Clinton concerned by Japanese
Clinton concerned by Japanese whaling activities
    WASHINGTON, Feb 26 (Reuter) - President Bill Clinton has
expressed his concern to Japan about its whaling activities but
said he did not intend to impose U.S. trade sanctions as a way
to resolve the issue.
     Clinton made his comments in a report to Congress published
on Monday in the latest issue of the Congressional Record, the
official digest of congressional proceedings.
     Clinton said a report from the Commerce Department found
that Japan had killed 100 minke whales in 1995 in the north
Pacific and had expanded its research whaling activites.
     "At this stage, I do not believe that the use of trade
sanctions is the most constructive approach to resolving our
differences over research whaling activities with the government
of Japan," Clinton said.
     "However, I have instructed the Department of State to
convey my very strong concerns to the government of Japan. We
will also vigorously pursue high-level efforts to persuade Japan
to reduce the number of whales killed in its research programme
and act consistently with the International Whaling Commission
conservation programme," he added.
     Clinton said he hoped to achieve significant progress on
these issues by the next Antarctic whaling season. He said he
had instructed the Commerce Department to continue to closely
monitor Japan's whaling programme.
     Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto was met by
demonstrators on the whaling issue in California last Friday
when he arrived for a meeting with Clinton. But there was no
indication that whaling was discussed in their talks.