Case Study: Norway Will Kill Seals (fwd)

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Subject: Case Study: Norway Will Kill Seals (fwd)
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Michael & Nola Kundu wrote:
> Contrary to all previous reports, Norwegian sea hunters will continue their
> bloody seal slaughter this season.  A recent report sent to Sea Shepherd
> confirms that, contrary to their prior statement that the seal hunt would
> not be continued due to low government subsidies, a number of vessals are
> leaving at the end of March to harvest approximately 20,000 seals .  Sources
> indicate that..., "There will be a Norwegian seal hunt this year after all.
> The government today decided to modify their position and that there will be
> a seal hunt after all
> this year. There will be 4 boats leaving at the end of the month and can take
> about 20,000 seals."
> Information courtesy of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
I am probably one of several others that would appreciate a comment from
the Norwegian side of this issue.  If any would volunteer, I am
particularly interested in the following:
Note: If monetary answers are in krone, etc. would appreciate current
exchange rate to US dollars in the reply (just to keep accurate).
a) What subsidies are being offered?  How much?  For what? (e.g. Canada only
subsidizes the meat, not pelts.)
b) How much of the total income due to sealing is coming from subsidies or
what is the projected income from the total estimated catch?
c) What is the market focus on seal products?  What products will be
transported to and sold in Norway?  Estimated commercial value of
seal products (final sales, not income to sealing company).
d) What species of seals are being targeted?  What age group? (Would prefer
an actual average age as opposed to the Canadian classification system, e.g.
beaters).  I believe the age is usually dictated by the company buying the
e) In what general area do they plan to hunt?
f) How will the hunt be conducted?  What weapons will be used?
Any information would be appreciated.  Would really appreciate relatively
objective responses with verifiable sources.  The issue will be bandied
about on this conference and other forums and would dearly love to have a
starting point not based on rhetoric from either side.