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Flight Summary for 5/3/00–NEFSC, PSB

5/3/00 - Three planes (MA/CCS, NMFS SAS, NEFSC PSB) conducted a comprehensive
survey of the Great South Channel (GSC) today. Today’s aerial survey (Right
Whale Protocol @ 750') of Great South Channel had Center for Coastal Studies
(CCS), flying the northern portion, NEFSC covering the middle portion and the
NMFS SAS plane covering the southern portion of the GSC.
     The NEFSC, PSB plane covered GSC lines 45 thru 33. Numerous sightings of
minke whales,
finbacks, humpbacks, white-sided dolphins, common dolphins, pilot whales, and
harbor porpoise were observed in this region. (No Right Whales were sighted
along these transect lines).
     At the end of the day we fly a transect line from 41.40N 69.30W northward
to 42.17N., and then proceeded west towards Plymouth, Ma. We found a large
feeding aggregation of humpbacks (+16), finbacks (+6), Atlantic White-sided
dolphins (+10) and seabirds on the eastern side of Stellwagen Bank
     A total of 38 Right Whales were observed, all in the Northern portion of
the Great South Channel. Further information is available on the WhaleNet
and the Right Whale SAS page maintained by WhaleNet. This internet site
provides a map of the region and the Lat./Long of the GSC survey lines.

Frederick Wenzel
166 Water St.
Woods Hole, Mass. 02543

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