NMFS/PSB Aerial Survey June 8, 2000 (fwd)

From: mike williamson (williams@www1.wheelock.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 15:14:44 EDT

Subject: NMFS/PSB Aerial Survey June 8, 2000

Flight Summary for 8 June 2000 ~ NEFSC/PSB

The aerial survey for June 8, 2000 investigated the Northern Edge of
Georges Bank (4216N/6720W to 4212N/6700W by 4212N/6745W to
4208N/6700W). Again, we found an area teaming with whales!

The day began with sighting feeding basking sharks in Cape Cod Bay and a
breaching humpback whale 35 miles off Nauset Beach, MA. Near Franklins
Swell and the approaches of the Northern Edge of Georges Bank, about 5
white-sided dolphins and two groups of 15 and 6 unidentified dolphins
were sighted. The first right whale sighting occurred along the
Northern Edge at 4210N/6812W. This animal was associated with 3 sei
whales, 1 finback, and 2 non-feeding basking sharks.

As the we approached the western-most points along the survey near the
Hague line, one right whale was sighted traveling west and was
associated with 3 humpback whales (4212N/6701W). Within a 20 mile
stretch (4212N/6723W to 4216N/6701W) along the Northern Edge, there were
four large groups of pilot whales (23, 10, 38, and 39), 9 sei whales, 1
finback whale, 1 ocean sunfish, and about 30 high fliers.

Over a 5 mile area near Stout Swell (the central point was 4217N/6805W),
an estimated 28 right whales and 20 sei whales were sighted. A number
of these right whales exhibited courtship behavior- one female was
sighted belly up. Three more right whales were sighted near Howell
Swell (4214N/6828W). We took some great photographs!

The sea state for most of the day was between Beaufort 2 and 3.
Total right whales for the day was 34.

Amy Lamb
166 Water St.
Woods Hole, MA 02543

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