NMFS/PSB Aerial Survey June 14, 2000 (fwd)

From: mike williamson (williams@www1.wheelock.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 21:42:28 EDT

Subject: NMFS/PSB Aerial Survey June 14, 2000

Flight Summary for June 14, 2000 ~ NEFSC/PSB

     The aerial survey for June 14, 2000 investigated two areas of the
Northern Edge of Georges Bank (4220N/6820W to 4212N/6820W by 4220N/6805W to
4212N/6805W) and eastward out to 4216N/6700W and 4212N/6700W, inside the
exclusive economic zone.
     Departing Plymouth, Ma., we crossed Stellwagen Bank and located 2
finbacks and 8 humpbacks whales in the vicinity of the BE buoy. Wilkinson
Basin was essentially void of any marine mammal life.
One right whale was observed at 4213N/6821.2W, and another single right
whale at 4211.7N/68.19.9W. Further east in the vicinity of the Northeast
Channel we observed 3 sperm whales, a scattering of White-sided dolphins,
finbacks, 5+ sei whales, sharks, pilot whales, and one right whale at
     The total right whale count for the day were 3 animals. No sea turtles
or harbor porpoise were observed.
     Sighting conditions were good between 71.00 and 69.00 West longitude
with a Beaufort sea state 1-3. However, points further east between 69.00
and 67.00 West longitude the sighting conditions were fair to poor, due to
glare and wind which produce a Beaufort sea state of 3 to 5+. Not the best
of conditions, which probably contributed to the few sightings in that

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