NMFS/PSB Aerial Survey June 20, 2000 (fwd)

From: mike williamson (williams@www1.wheelock.edu)
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 22:20:20 EDT

Subject: NMFS/PSB Aerial Survey June 20, 2000

Flight Summary for June 20, 2000 ~ NEFSC/PSB

        The flight for June 20, 2000 covered Stout Swell (4230N/6810W to
4210N/6810W), the Northern Edge of Georges Bank (4212N/6605W), and
Brown's Bank (4245N/6605W).
        In the Stout Swell area, 11 actively fluking humpback and unidentified
whales were sighted. One right whale was located at 4224N/6749W. In
the vicinity were approximately 250 white-sided dolphins, 20
unidentified dolphins, 15 pilot whales, 2 basking sharks and 1 ocean
        Along the Northern Edge were two groups of pilot whales, as well as
mixed groups of pilot whales and dolphins (4212N/6750W). Further to the
east, one finback whale and 1 ocean sunfish was sighted (4212N/6653W).
No marine mammals were observed on Browns Bank.
        On the return flight home to Plymouth, MA, 4 ocean sunfish and 3
basking sharks were sighted in the Great South Channel. Off the coast
of Wellfleet (4202N/7000W), there was one humpback whale and one finback
whale observed and the area was loaded with schools of tuna. Once inside
Cape Cod Bay, the survey changed from right whale protocols (flying at
750') to turtle protocols (flying at 500'). No turtles were observed.
        The total right whale count was 1.
        The sea state ranged from Beaufort 1-3. It was perfect day for whale

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