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Vessel: Adventurer
Location of Port: Provincetown, MA USA
Date: July 4, 2000
School/Organization: Cape Cod Whale Watch
Grade/Group: N/A
Sea State: 1
Wave Ht: 0-1 FT.
Wind Velocity/Direction: 10 knots / SW
Air Temp: 76*
Cloud Cover: 100% haze
Visibility: 5 NM
High Tide (time): 01:43
Recorder(s): Gwen Kazlouskas -Noyes

Time, LatN, LongW, Depth, Species, Number, Grouping, Behavior, Names, Water
Temp, Density, Salinity,

11:50, 42*17.11N, 70*13.20W, 114 FT, Mn, 4,1+ 2+1, breaching, feeding,
14:45, 42*15.13N, 70*11.80W,126 FT, Ba,6, 1+1+1+1+1+1, traveling
15:00, 42*15.13N, 70*11.80W,126 FT, Mn, 5, c/c+1+1+1, traveling, logging
18:10, 42*13.34N, 70*15.84W, 83 FT, Mn, 2,c/c, breaching, traveling

Day Totals: Hrs: 9 Mn: 11 Bp: Ba: 6 La:

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