Entangled right whale in Bay of Fundy (fwd)

From: mike williamson (williams@www1.wheelock.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 07:57:49 EDT

Subject: Entangled right whale in Bay of Fundy

Hi All

In case you haven't heard an entangled right whale was sighted on Sunday
July 9, by the NOAA research vessel Delaware II.

DATE/TIME OBSERVED: 07/09/2000, 14:20

POSITION OBSERVED: 4437.9'N 6638.8'W

GENERAL LOCATION: Bay of Fundy, in amongst other right whales


DESCRIPTION OF GEAR ON WHALE: single line originating from the right
corner of the mouth or right flipper and stretched tightly over the back
to the left insertion of the fluke. There are three yellow buoys (we
believe them to be bullet buoys) on this line. Unsure of length of
trailing line.

Vessels will be searching the area on Wednesday and if weather permits a
US team will fly an aerial survey on Thursday. When the animal is found
an attempt will be made to attach a telemetry buoy. Once the animal is
tagged a plan of action will be formulated with the Center for Coastal
Studies (CCS).

If you see the entangled whale please contact the Whale Emergency
Network via pager (902) 558 3376 or via Fundy Traffic Channel 14.
Further information will follow and requests for assistance may be made.

Thank you for your help

Deb Tobin
Whale Emergency Network Coordinator
East Coast Ecosystems
Freeport, Nova Scotia
(902) 839 2962

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