Re:Update (7/12/00) on Right Whale Entanglement, Bay of Fund (fwd)

From: mike williamson (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 17:37:11 EDT

Subject: Re:Update (7/12/00) on Right Whale Entanglement, Bay of Fund

Sorry about the misunderstanding, but the Delaware II did not find the entangled
whale on the evening of 7/11. We searched in the area where the whalewatch boat
(D'Sonoqua?) saw it last, but a couple hours later. We then looked off toward
4435W 6629W where we found a dozen or so whales, but not the entangled one. We
only put about 2 hours of effort, cut short in part by some engine problems on
the big RHIB. We got things fixed up last night, so we're back in action now.

On another note, we've been seeing a P3 flying around the southern part of the
Basin. Are there some naval exercises going on? I know there were some going
on near Cashes earlier this summer. They didn't get displaced up here did they?

We are continuing our operations normal for now, but with a wary eye out for the
entangled whale. If there are any sightings of it, we will assist as we can.


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