Bay of Fundy Entanglements 7/13/00 (fwd)

From: mike williamson (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 18:52:24 EDT

Hello all

Today has been a somewhat busy day for all concerned with the Whale
Emergency Network. Against the Wind reported the entangled whale to Nereid
this morning (1030 Atlantic time). Nereid along with a zodiac from the
Delaware II have been making attempts to tag the whale all day, at writing
there was a line attached to the animal but no telemetry buoy attached. The
NMFS plane was able to get a better look at the entanglement.

The gear appears to be coming from both sides of the mouth, there may be a
left flipper wrap, and then the gear crosses over on the left flank in front
of the 3 yellow buoys. There appears to be a small amount of yellow line
trailing over the flukes. This report is still tentative and we are waiting
for confirmation.

At 1600 (Atlantic Time), Elsie Menota contacted the Whale Emergency Network
to report a right whale that was thrashing about at 44 35.2N 66 36.0W.
The whale appears to be entangled in gill net gear. Line was visible on the
whale, as well as a high flyer pole and orange poly ball. Elsie Menota was
able to get photographs and will forward them to the Network once on shore.
Three fishing vessels were in the vicinity and are believed to be standing
by the whale. A zodiac from the Delaware II has responded to the new report
with a primary responders kit and equipment to document the whale.

Further information to follow.

Deb Tobin
Whale Emergency Network Coordinator
East Coast Ecosystems
Freeport, Nova Scotia
(902) 839 2962

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