Entanglement update 7/13/00 (fwd)

From: mike williamson (williams@www1.wheelock.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 22:19:03 EDT

Hi All

Good news from the Bay. The NEAq zodiac, Bonita, with a joint crew from
NEAq, NMFS and Grand Manan Research Station, were able to attach a telemetry
buoy to the entangled right whale. CCS is making plans to come up and
disentangle the whale (in conjunction with the Whale Emergency Network)
during the next good weather window. Whale watchers are requested that if
they see the entangled whale to please contact the network via pager (902)
558 3376 or via Fundy Traffic Channel 14.

The second entangled whale that was reported by the Elsie Menota today, is
reportedly free of all gear. The whale was able to free itself and the
fisherman reported that they had retrieved all their gear.

NEAq requested that we thank all whale watchers for their assistance over
the past few days in locating the animal and for giving the crew of the
Bonita space to work.

Thank you all for your assistance. Further information will follow as the
weather clears.

Deb Tobin
Whale Emergency Network Coordinator
East Coast Ecosystems
Freeport, Nova Scotia
(902) 839 2962

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