Saturday 7/15/00 entanglement update (fwd)

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Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 18:54:14 EDT

Hi All

Saturday July 15, proved to be a great weather day. The CCS team consisting
of Stormy Mayo, Ed Lyman and David Mattilla joined the East Coast Ecosystems
Whale Emergency Network team at about 8:30am. A signal was being heard from
the telemetry buoy and the whale was found at 12 noon (Atlantic time) at 44
44.3N 66 36.3W by Andrew Westgate and his crew from the Grand Manan
Research Station.

Initially the whale was swimming at the surface and was able to be
approached by the rescue inflatable. This allowed the team to cut the back
loop on the whale. However, after these initial cuts were made the whale
started to swim steadily south. The signal from the telemetry buoy allowed
us to keep track of the whale as it became more elusive during the day.

Unfortunately due to fading light the rescue was aborted for the day at
1930h (Atlantic time) at 44 23.6N 66 34.3W. The whale still has the
bridle coming through the mouth as well as the three yellow buoys on its
back. Attempts to get close enough to make a cut on the left hand side of
the head failed. Teams are now standing by for the next good weather day.

We would like to thank all involved in todays efforts. The CCS crew,
Andrew Westgate for listening all day for the whale, the crew of the
Skymaster for their assistance in finding the whale, the whale watchers for
moving out of the way and telling us when they saw the animal and Fundy
Traffic for diverting the tanker in the outbound lane. Thanks again.

Further information will follow once a decision has been made about the

Deb Tobin
East Coast Ecosystems
Whale Emergency Network
Freeport, Nova Scotia
(902) 839 2962

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