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From: mike williamson (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 17:04:22 EDT

Subject: location data, seal, "Goose"

Mike et al,

Locations for "Goose" for the past two days:

27480 Date : 14.08.00 09:06:25 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.859N Lon1 :
27480 Date : 15.08.00 12:01:34 LC : A IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.690N Lon1 :
27480 Date : 15.08.00 15:01:54 LC : 1 IQ : 68Lat1 : 43.617N Lon1 :
27480 Date : 16.08.00 00:12:34 LC : A IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.662N Lon1 :
27480 Date : 16.08.00 02:31:26 LC : 2 IQ : 68Lat1 : 43.699N Lon1 :

If you recall the last set of messages ended with a location that was well
offshore. Because of the low "LC" it was hard to be sure how reliable that
location was. From the past two days it has become clear that "Goose" has
moved offshore. These locations show that he appears to be moving to the
south and may be turning back towards shore. Presently he appears to be
roughly 15 miles offshore, roughly east of Pemaquid Point (Maine).

The number of messages has also dropped quite a bit (only a single location
yesterday). This is most likely because he is now sending signals from
the rougher offshore water.

Tomorrow may tell us if he continues to head back towards the coast, or
remains offshore. During his run offshore he has kept in fairly shallow
water, no deeper than 30-40 feet. This is the longest time he has spent
away from the coast since his release (over two weeks ago).

Greg Early
Edgerton Research Laboratory
New England Aquarium
Central Wharf
Boston, Mass 02110
617-973-6592 (phone)
617-723-9705 (FAX)

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