Data Location Seal, "Goose" (fwd)

From: mike williamson (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 20:22:12 EDT

Subject: location data, seal, "Goose"

Mike, et al.

The latest from "Goose". He still appears to be heading south, and is
about 10 miles offshore, more or less. It appears that he might have
hauled out briefly on Seguin Island, but has been swimming in a fairly
straight line since then. The question now is, will he stay offshore, or
head back towards land. we will (hopefully) see...

Only two good location points today (probably because he has been swimming
during this time and it is harder to get a location fix while he is swimming.


The Data:

27480 Date : 24.08.00 08:28:04 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.618N Lon1 :
27480 Date : 24.08.00 10:06:09 LC : A IQ : 08Lat1 : 43.566N Lon1 :

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