Data Location data, seal "Gray" (fwd)

From: mike williamson (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 16:59:13 EDT

Hmmmmmmmm. No one said this would be easy. We are continuing to get a
slow trickle of data from "Gray". It still appears that we are having a
couple of problems, it appears that "Gray" is not sending many signals.
This is probably due to his posture in the water, making it difficult for
the tag to clear well enough to send a signal. This is common when seals
are first released and I think it may be because they are spending a great
deal of time at the surface with their head up (and the tag down, below the
water). Also, it may be that he is traveling erratically. This tends to
confuse the satellite when it is trying to locate the signals on a pass.
The evidence for this is that we have had several locations reported with
low LC values, but that were based on a greater number of signal "hits'
than one would expect.

In any case, our most recent locations (such as they are) show that "Gray"
has turned around and begun heading south again, likely along nearly the
same path he moved north. his last position was roughly nine miles north
and east of Mt. Desert Rock. The Rock is a well known seal haul out for
both harbor and gray seals.

We will see over the next few days if he heads to this haul out.


27568 Date : 09.06.01 20:46:36 LC : A IQ : 00Lat1 : 44.042N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 09.06.01 22:26:51 LC : 1 IQ : 58Lat1 : 44.026N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 10.06.01 08:50:55 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.966N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 10.06.01 09:01:09 LC : A IQ : 08Lat1 : 43.969N Lon1 :


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