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Date: Sat Jun 23 2001 - 22:43:21 EDT

More locations from "Gray" who is still proving a tough seal to follow. We
continue to get two or three locations per day, but we have had a few gaps
where we are getting signals but no locations. Most of this appears to be
because the satellite is only getting one signal per pass from the tag.
Unfortunately we need at least two (and the more the better) signals in
order to calculate a location. Most likely this is because "Gray" is
swimming in such a way that the tag is not clearing the water enough to get
off a good signal. The good news from all of this is that if that is the
case we should be getting signals for a long time, because the tag is
saving battery power by not signaling frequently. It also means that since
his release, (one month ago, this Sunday), "Gray" has not yet hauled out.
I can be pretty sure of this, because if he were to haul out we would get a
flood of signals and locations from the tag. So far "Gray" appears to be
keeping within 10-15 miles of the coast and moving parallel to the coast
along a (roughly) 100 mile section of mid-coast Maine. The center of this
area is MT.Desert Rock, which interestingly enough, is a known area where
gray seals haul out. Our latest locations put "Gray" heading north along
the coast about 25 miles north of "The Rock". If he continues in this
direction he will head into the Bay of Fundy. If he turns around, he will
retrace his path back down the coast (for a second time). If he takes a
right turn, he will head towards Nova Scotia, and a left turn will head him
into the coast. Hopefully we will see which way his path takes, in the
next few days.

The Data:

27568 Date : 15.06.01 21:46:28 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.710N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 15.06.01 22:03:09 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.720N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 15.06.01 22:48:11 LC : A IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.743N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 18.06.01 05:48:22 LC : A IQ : 08Lat1 : 43.831N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 18.06.01 07:32:28 LC : A IQ : 08Lat1 : 43.817N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 18.06.01 19:44:00 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.973N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 18.06.01 20:35:54 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 43.980N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 19.06.01 21:10:49 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 44.218N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 20.06.01 03:56:56 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 44.333N Lon1 :
27568 Date : 20.06.01 07:13:03 LC : B IQ : 00Lat1 : 44.307N Lon1 :


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