Data/Boston,MA,USA/Jun 24 02/NEAq/Voyager III

From: Kathy Gilmour (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 22:57:50 EDT

Vessel: Voyager III
Port of Departure: Boston
Date: Jun 25 02
Org: New England Aquarium
Sea State: 0
Wave Ht: glass
Wind Velocity and Direction: calm
Air Temp:
Water Temp: 60
Cloud Cover: 40%
Visibility: 12nm
High tide (time):
Recorders: Kathy Gilmour, Joe Donahue, Anna Chase, Nicole Nesbitt

Time,LatN,LongW,Depth,Species,Number,Grouping,Behavior,Names,Water Temp
1123,42 41'N,70 24'W,d,Basking Shark,1,1,b,n,w
1150,42 41'N,70 24'W,d,Bp,2,1+1,feeding,n,60
1151,42 41'N,70 25'W,d,Ba,1,1,b,w
1159,42 41'N,70 24'W,d,Mn,1,1,feeding,Shockwave

Day Totals: Hrs: 3.75,Miles: 40,Basking Shark:1,Bp:2,Ba:1,Mn:1

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