Data/Boston/Aug 14 02/New England Aquarium/Voyager III

From: Katherine Gilmour (
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 22:49:09 EDT

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    Vessel: Voyager III
    Port of Departure: Boston, MA
    Date: Aug 14 02
    Org: New England Aquarium
    Sea State: 1
    Wave Ht: <1 ft
    Wind Velocity and Direction: SW/10 kts
    Air Temp: 80'F
    Water Temp: 69.5'F
    Cloud Cover: Thick haze
    Visibility: 2nm
    High Tide: 1538
    Recorder: Kathy Gilmour

    Time,LatN,LongW,Depth,Species,Number,Grouping,Behavior,Names,Water Temp.
    1106,42 44'N,70 21'W,220 Ft,La,50,g,Bow riding wake riding,n,69'F
    1146,42 36'7,70 21'W,250 Ft,Bp,1,g,feeding close to surface,n,69'F

    Day totals: hrs:4,Miles: 30,La:50,Bp:1

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