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Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 13:07:29 EST

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    39381 Date : 24.02.03 01:23:23 LC : A IQ :
    08Lat1 : 39.267N Lon1 :
    39381 Date : 24.02.03 02:35:57 LC : A IQ :
    06Lat1 : 39.015N Lon1 :
    39381 Date : 26.02.03 10:39:31 LC : B IQ :
    00Lat1 : 38.892N Lon1 :

    Above are the ony locations from Jersey for the
    past two days. Today
    we have only a couple of single "hits". All of
    these locations appear
    to be farther offshore and it appears that
    "Jersey" may have moved away
    from the coast after the 23rd. These locations
    are about twenty miles
    or so offshore. Being that far offshore is not a
    big problem by itself,
    but it may be part of the reason we are not
    getting many hits. It is
    possible that she is swimming in such a way
    that the tag is not clearing
    the water to signal well. Another possibility is
    that the antenna is
    damaged or the tag attachment is failing. About
    the only thing we can do
    at this point is to wait and see what happens
    next. If it is ether of
    the first two, things will not improve. If it is the
    latter, it is
    possible that things will improve over time.

    Hopefully we will see...


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