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Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 19:15:46 EST

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    Whalenet forwarded your question about seeing orcas to Orca Network. There
    are several ways to see orcas from boats and from land. From land the best
    place in the summer months is San Juan Island, where there is a park called
    Whale Watch Park for that reason. There are also several whale watch boats
    from San Juan Island, and if you would rather go out from the mainland,
    there are whale watch companies in Everett (Mosquito Fleet) and Anacortes
    (Island Adventures) that operate good trips.


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    >I am looking for the best place to see the Orca Whales, and what time of
    >the year? I love all the whales but realy want to see Orcas please tell we
    >where the best place to go. Thank You, Christine Flynn

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