data/jef/07/30/03/core/yankee spirit/gloucester, ma

From: CORE (
Date: Wed Aug 20 2003 - 15:23:09 EDT

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    Vessel: Yankee Spirit
    Port of Departure: Gloucester MA
    Date: 07/30/03
    Organization: Center for Oceanic Research and Education
    Sea State: catpaw
    Wave height: 0-2 ft
    Wind Velocity and direction: 0-5 knots S
    Cloud Cover: 6
    Visibility: 9 km
    Recorder: Lisa Fox

    1521-1541/13609/44376/Mn/1/1/traveling, probable deep feeding/flask
    1554/13624/44376.8/Bp/1/1/traveling and probable deep feeding

    herring gull, great black backed gull, Wilson's storm petrel, double crested
    cormorant, common tern, Bonaparte's gull,canada geese, greater shearwater,
    common eider, blue finned tuna

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