Subject: Mexico and whale sanctuary

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Subject: Mexico and whale sanctuary
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Subject:      Mexico backs ban
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    MEXICO CITY, May 19 (Reuter) - Mexico Thursday backed
proposals to extend a ban on whale hunting and create an
Antarctic sanctuary for the huge sea mammals.
    The two proposals are among the key issues to be addressed
by the International Whaling Commission at its annual conference
next week in the Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta.
    ``The government of Mexico will support the continuation of
the moratorium set in 1982 and the creation of an Antarctic
sanctuary,'' President Carlos Salinas de Gortari said at a news
    Two years ago France proposed a whale sanctuary to help
restore the numbers of the most endangered species.
    Environmentalists are pressing for a sanctuary to reach from
Antarctica to the 40th parallel, an area that would cover the
southern third of South America.
    The proposals must be approved by three-quarters of the IWC
members at the meeting to be adopted.
    Japan, the world's biggest consumer of whale meat, has
agreed to compromise on the sanctuary, but its government and
that of Norway are pressing for an end to the moratorium on
whale hunting.
    Japan is the only country that continues to kill whales in
the important whale feeding grounds of Antarctica as part of a
scientific research programme that allows 300 minke whales to be
captured each year.f 300 minke whales each year.
    About 40 IWC members are expected to attend the five-day
meeting beginning May 23 in Puerto Vallarta.