Subject: You can help whale conservation

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Subject: You can help whale conservation
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Dear Mike
Thanks for the info on WhaleNet; it sounds great and I'll have to find a way to
get into it.
I just had a thought. As this is partly an association of whale watching
operators and others interested in whale watching, can you please possibly post
the following message? I have sent about 40 faxes out worldwide, but the only
ones in the New England area were to CSI. It would be a great help if you can
possibly do it. (OR do this  under you name, if it's problematic using mine; the
main thing is that it gets done.) We already have some great faxes to Dominica's
prime minister from Oceanic Society Expeditions and some others. But today is
the best day or tomorrow really at the latest for sending them. Here's the
MESSAGE to: Key whale-watching tour companies world-wide
From: Erich Hoyt  (Fax +44 620 895257)
23 May 1994
As you know, the International Whaling Commission is currently meeting in Mexico
to decide on, among other things, the fate of the southern ocean/Antarctic
It appears that whale watching is breaking the back of the Japanese domination
of the eastern Caribbean on the crucial vote on the sanctuary which will be held
on Wednesday, May 25 (or 26th at the latest). Dominica's main local whale
watching company called Dominica Tours and the Dominica Conservation
Association, with some outside assistance by Cetacean Society International and
others, have persuaded the Minister of Tourism to side with the French proposal
for an Antarctic whale sanctuary. We are hoping for a full commitment from
Dominica's Prime Minister Eugenia Charles. Perhaps, as well, another eastern
Caribbean nation that is starting whale watching this year-Grenada-may also be
encouraged to vote for the sanctuary. Dominica's whale-watching industry has
already been established for several years; last year, 600 people spent an
estimated $230,000 US to see sperm whales as well as a wide assortment of
tropical dolphins, all close to shore.
Can you please send a brief fax to Dominica's Prime Minister at the fax number
below, congratulating her on Dominica's commitment to the French proposal for a
full Antarctic sanctuary? If possible, could you also welcome or encourage them
as a new whale-watching destination, indicating how successful the business has
been for you and saying that you may be interested in going whale watching there
sometime or offering your help (or something to this effect)?
Send your fax to:
Eugenia Charles
Prime Minister
Roseau, Dominica
FAX 1809 448 7808
Thank you very much.  All the best.
For further information, please contact:
Erich Hoyt
FAX 44 620 89 5257
e-mail: 100327.1067@CompuServe.COM