Subject: Antacrtic Whale Sanctuart Approved

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Subject: Antacrtic Whale Sanctuart Approved
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Subj:	IWC Approves Antarctic Whale
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Subject:      IWC Approves Antarctic Whale
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    PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico, May 26 (Reuter) - The International
Whaling Commission (IWC) on Thursday approved the establishment
of a whale sanctuary in the Antarctic and the South Seas.
    ``It's passed, with only Japan voting against it,'' said
Brian Gorman, the spokesman for the U.S. delegation to the IWC.
    Norway and Japan's other allies abstained from voting at the
divisive conference, which pitted proponents of the sanctuary
against whaling members who charged that the IWC had strayed
from its mandate to regulate sustainable whaling.
    The Antarctic sanctuary approved 23-1 Thursday was a
compromise proposal, covering slightly less territory than the
original haven proposed by France in 1992.
    The compromise agreed this week satisfied most
environmentalists while allaying the concerns of South American
nations about the sovereignty of their territorial waters raised
by the French proposal.
    Environmental advocates say the sanctuary will protect more
than three-quarters of the world's surviving baleen -- or large
toothless whales -- which are estimated at fewer than 1 million.