Subject: Norway Whaling Comment

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Subject: Norway Whaling Comment
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Subject:      Norwegian whaling saga
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After reading the posts on the on-going saga of Norway versus
Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd, I would just like to say:
Hurray for the Norwegian coast guard!
Its amazing to me to see the whining of groups like Greenpeace and
Sea Shepherd when people use their methods against them. Somehow
it is perfectly acceptable for these radicals to damage and destroy
gear, but when the someone like the Norwegian coast guard reciprocates,
they whine about it.
If they believe the minke population estimates provided by the Norwegian
government are too high, then prove them wrong! What is the Greenpeace
estimate of the minke population size? Is it significantly lower than
the Norwegian estimate in the 86k range? Is it really so low that a
quota of 300 would put the population at risk? What is the normal
mortality rate in the minke population there? It seems to me that
answers to these types of questions would go a long way toward arriving
at a solution to the problem. It also seem to me that the answers to
many of these questions are irrelevant to groups such as Greenpeace
and Sea Shepherd since they espouse the notion that no whaling would
ever be justified no matter what the population size.
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Mike Torok
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