Subject: Sperm Whale Adrift

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Subject: Sperm Whale Adrift
A sperm whale has been observed drifting around Ipswich Bay.  From its
movement from Jeffrey's Ledge, to an area off of Hampton Beach area of
New Hampshire, to about one-half mile off of Crane's Beach (evening of
Sept. 26, 1994), and then Wingarsheek Beach (evening of Sept. 27, 1994),
it seems to be following a counter clockwise gyre in the bay similar to the
gyre in Cape Cod Bay.  This movement should bring it off of Halibut Point/
Rockport, Mass. area today.  We will keep you posted.
This whale may be part of a small group of sperm whales sighted in the
Jeffrey's ledge area in mid-August since sperm whale sightings are
extremely rare in this area.
Mike Williamson