Subject: CASE STUDY: Faroe Is. Whaling

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Subject: CASE STUDY: Faroe Is. Whaling
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> Things are no doubt complicated these days, but a culture either
> enters the 21st century or it doesn't.  Perhaps I wouldn't take
> umbrage with the 'cultural' slaughtering of pilot whales if
> I hadn't read that the Faroese have indeed entered the 21st
> century, enabling themselves to have a standard of living
> equal to their neighbors by incorporating modern fishing
> methods.  I feel that when a culture uses modern technology
> to change their culture, they give up the right to hold onto
> environmentally unsound tactics.  The arguments about the
> highly endangered bowhead in the Arctic run along similar
> lines.
> Pilot whales are one of the few species of mammals that we know
> of whose lifespan extends beyond reproduction.  That puts them
> in a class with orca, elephants and man.  Can you imagine the
> pathos of 2000 of these creatures moaning as they die in the
> shallows?
> Annie (
To Annie,
I, too was struggling with the mass slaughter of the pilot whales by the
people of the Faeroe Islands.  You mentioned the bowhead whales, too.  I
read a book this summer that talked, from the standpoint of the people who
are doing the hunting, about the tradition and culture of the people of
the arctic and their need for hunting the bowhead.  Because I was so
against slaughter of whales, I felt it was a good idea that I read this
book because I wanted to see both standpoints.  I felt an open mind was a
good thing.  I may not personally feel that slaughtering whales is right,
but I can now better understand some of the reasons behind the hunt.  I
suggest this book for anyone who is against whale slaughter or just wants
more information on it.  The name of the book is "People of the Ice Whale".
"Happiness in life is the journey itself, not some place you arrive at.
Dolphins live that way every day"
        -Richard O'Barry