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Subject: Case Study-Whale Meat $ale
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The minke whales killed by the Japanese for "research purposes" from June
to Sept. of this year are making a profit of $5,434,000.00!  If I've
calculated correctly at 3730 yen=$38 per kilogram, then this is equal to
$83.60 per pound!  This was indicated to be a wholesale price to the
Japanese dealers or restaurants.  How much per pound are the individual
Japanese customers willing to pay?  It must be well over $150.00 per
pound!  What are the results of the "research" besides the claim that
there are enough whales to allow the commercial harvest?  Does any of the
huge profit return to benefit the planet?
        I understand that Japan is under strong pressure from foreign
government and environmental groups to halt its research hunting of
whales.  I would like to thank the list and list-owner for helping to
make this information available.  It is a real eye opener.