Subject: Info: Whale Rescue-Where??

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Subject: Info: Whale Rescue-Where??
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Subj:	Great whale rescued off Omani
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Subject:      Great whale rescued off Omani
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Great whale rescued off Omani coast
    MUSCAT, Nov 16 (Reuter) - A team of Omani and British divers
have rescued a rare 20-tonne whale from death in the waters of
Oman where it was caught in fishermen's nets for five days, a
statement by an environmental group said on Wednesday.
    The Arabian Seas Expedition, an environmental and scientific
research project on marine life in the Arabian Peninsula, said
the eight-metre long humpback whale was rescued last week.
    It said the whale was found barely able to move one km
(mile) off northern Oman. It had sunburns and bleeding wounds.
    Divers had to calm the distressed whale, stroking its huge
pleated throat while others cautiously cut the net in which both
its flippers and most of its body was entangled, it added.
    On being released, ``the whale leaped out of the water six
or seven times in succession, landing with thunderous splashes,
as if to celebrate its new found freedom,'' the group said.
    The humpback whale, one of about 20 species of whales and
dolphins in Omani waters, is in danger of extinction throughout
the world, it added. It is one of Oman's largest species of
marine mammals.