Subject: Info: Dolphin danger

Michael Williamson (whe_william)
Mon, 11 Dec 1994 21:13:37

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Subject: Info: Dolphin danger
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Subj:	Female-friendly dolphin kills
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Subject:      Female-friendly dolphin kills
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 Female-friendly dolphin kills male swimmer in Brazil
    RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec 9 (Reuter) - A man died and another was
injured after being attacked by a male dolphin that prefers to
play with female swimmers, Brazilian newspaper reported on
    Joao Paulo Moreira, 33, died from internal haemorrhaging and
Wilson Reis Pedroso, 41, sufffered a broken rib after being
butted by the dolphin at a beach on Brazil's south-central
Atlantic coast near Sao Paulo on Thursday, daily O Globo
    ``People don't follow our instructions that they should not
ride on top of the dolphin and that they should wait for him to
take the initiative,'' said Andre Rossi, a marine biologist.
    Rossi said he could not explain why the dolphin, named Tiao,
prefered to play with women swimmers.
    ``All I know is that he is especially senstive with women,''
he said.