Subject: Info: Dolphins Moved

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Subject: Info: Dolphins Moved
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Subj:	Three Navy Dolphins Shipped
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Subject:      Three Navy Dolphins Shipped
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 Three Navy Dolphins Shipped to Florida Sanctuary
   SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Three bottlenose dolphins that were part of the
Navy's underwater explosive detection team have been flown from a
military base to a Florida sanctuary that eventually wants to
return them to the wild.
   The three Navy dolphins are part of a group of five the Navy has
agreed to send to the Sugarloaf sanctuary near Key West. After a
medical examination, the other two were determined not to be up to
the trip yet and will be sent out later, said Tom LaPuzza,
spokesman for the naval command, control and ocean surveillance
center in San Diego. They may be sent out sometime after Christmas.
   Sugarloaf eventually hopes to release the dolphins into the
wild. But it currently has no permit to release them or even
prepare them for the wild.
   The issue became controversial earlier this year when the Navy
offered to give away to U.S. marine parks and aquariums about 25 of
its 101 trained dolphins. The dolphins are used to retrieve
torpedoes and other explosives.
   Four U.S. marine parks have made formal requests to each get at
least one of the 25 Navy dolphins.
   The five young male dolphins named in the Navy-Sugarloaf
agreement were all recently captured from the Mississippi Gulf.