Subject: Info: dolphin birth to equipment

Michael Williamson (whe_william)
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Subject: Info: dolphin birth to equipment
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   A blessed event: The Shedd Aquarium said Friday one of its white-
sided dolphins is pregnant. Tique is expected to give birth before next
fall but aquarium officials warn the chances of her losing the calf
either during pregnancy or in the first year after birth are high. The
proud papa is identified as Bulea but aquarium officials say he likely
will have little to do with the birth or subsequent childrearing.
   Hand-me-downs: Need a spare tank? Ship? The Defense Department has a
new 800-number to unload its surplus property. The leftovers include
such items as office furniture and golf clubs (those tax dollars at
work). The items are available as a result of base closures and are sold
as is. (The number is 800-GOVT BUY.)
 (written by Marcy Kreiter and Greg Tejeda)