Subject: Case Study: Educate People about Dolphins

Michael Williamson (whe_william)
Mon, 16 Dec 1994 13:43:53

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From: Michael Williamson <>
Subject: Case Study: Educate People about Dolphins
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Dagmar Fertl writes:
> How come whenever there's some conflict with interactions between humans
> and animals, the suggestion tends to be to move or remove the problem (the
> animal)?  What ever happened to educating people?
Oh, educating people happens all the time by many of us.
As Marcos Cesar had mentioned, they tried for a long time to
educate people about how to watch the dolphin without hurting it.
Some of them don't listen and they enjoy hurting the animal.
Those sick people have a new challenge now: this is the first
killer dolphin in history. Who will be brave enough to fight
him? I am afraid that some wacko will go out and kill the dolphin
just for the  heck of it or to prove to his (most likely it will be a
"him", and most  likely he will be in the age group of 16-25) that
he is brave enough to  fight a killer dolphin.  Sorry, Dagmar, you
and anyone else would have a tough time educating one of those
guys.  My main reason, however, for recommending to capture and
study this dolphin is to find out the motives behind his action.
Aren't dolphins known never  to kill humans? At least this is the
first case that I have heard about. Wasn't this dolphin smart
enough to stay away from these jerks who would  harass him? In the
first report it was mentioned that he had a preference to  play
with women. There were other reports on injuries, how did they
happen? Was the dolphin just harassed or was he also trapped or
otherwise restrained? At least, if he is not removed and gets
killed by one of the rowdies I hope there will be an autopsy,
maybe there is some evidence for some brain  damage or other
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