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Subject: Info: ATOC WWW page
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Paul K Anderson writes:
 > Re: Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate/Marine Mammal
> Research Program.
>         The Draft Environmental Impact Statement required as a
> result of the public interest in this program came out at the end
> of November. The deadline for comment is 16 January. If anyone is
> interested in reading and commenting on it it is urgent that a
> copy be requested. Presumably they are available from NMFS. I
> don't have an e-mail address for them, but it may be possible to
> get a copy from Scripps by contacting Cindy Rogers. Address your
> request to
the WWW page for ATOC is:
according to that page:
        PUBLIC HEARING ANNOUNCEMENT planned for January 6th (not
         19th as reported earlier) at the Santa Cruz Civic
        Center Auditorium. The hearing will begin at 5:30 and will
        address scoping comments on the draft EIR/EIS for California
Contact: Cindy Clark (619) 534-1294, Cindy Rogers (619) 534-5671
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