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Subject: Info: aquarium Directory
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                   Aquatic Conservation Network
                      N E W S   R E L E A S E
                           March 10, 1995
                           Second Edition
         "International Directory of Aquarist Organizations"
The second edition of the annual "International Directory of
Aquarist Organizations" has just been released. The Aquatic
Conservation Network develops this directory to facilitate
worldwide communications in the aquarium hobby and between the
hobby and professional aquarists. Corporate sponsorship for this
edition has been provided by Aquarium Products, Ekk Will Waterlife
Resources, Novalek, Inc., Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. and Wardley Corpor-
More than 1,200 organizations in 34 countries are listed in
alphabetical order. Listings are also categorized by country, by
specialization, by newsletter title, by society name
abbreviation and by whether the organization has a conservation
program.  Regular updating of the directory provides an ongoing
linkage between the Aquatic Conservation Network and the interna-
tional hobby community, vital to promoting public awareness and
facilitating amateur involvement in aquatic conservation initiat-
ives. Proceeds from sales of the directory go towards the conserva-
tion work of the ACN.
For information about purchasing the Directory, or backgrounder
information about the Aquatic Conservation Network please contact:
Rob Huntley, General Manager
Aquatic Conservation Network
540 Roosevelt Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2A 1Z8
Tel: (613) 729-4670; Fax: (613) 729-5613
Internet: OR
CompuServe: 71022,3537
            The Aquatic Conservation Network is a
                       Registered Charity
          Canada (0953471-52); U.S.A. (EIN 98-0141397)
Aquatic Conservation Network
ACN is a Registered Charity - Canada (0953471-52); U.S.A. (EIN 98-0141397)
Rob Huntley                      Tel:(613) 729-4670; Fax:(613) 729-5613
Aquatic Conservation Network     CompuServe: 71022,3537
540 Roosevelt Avenue             Internet:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2A 1Z8  Internet: