Subject: Info: Blue whale/fin whale mating

Michael Williamson (whe_william)
Mon, 24 Mar 1995 13:04:14

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From: Michael Williamson <WHE_WILLIAM@FLO.ORG>
Subject: Info: Blue whale/fin whale mating
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Subject:      Blue whale/fin whale
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  The report of blue and fin whales hybridizing is basically correct.  For
those who'd like details, see the following papers:
  1) Arnason et al.  1991.  Hereitas 115: 183-189.
  2) Spillaert et al.  1991.  J. Heredity 82: 269-274.
  Such hydrids were occasionally reported by whalers and apparently have
some basis in biological reality.  What made the Icelandic hybrid
interesting was that it was pregnant.
  As for the assertion that blue whales will lose their genetic identity:
given the probable extreme rarity of such interspecies matings, I don't
think need to worry too much about that.
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